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Hi! I'm Shondra!

I can't wait to inspire and help you on your journey to start and build your own creative business!

I am in the midst of starting a jewelry line. When I say I’m in the midst of starting a line I mean I am at the VERY beginning stages. Like just taking jewelry design classes early stages!

BUT in my quest to leave my 9-5 and begin working for myself, owning my own creative business I began looking for blogs of others doing the same thing and I couldn’t find ONE person that was showing the process from BEGINNING TO END!

The purpose of my blog and podcast is for my readers to grow with me. So that you can learn from my mistakes and see the process from conception to production.

Because I have NO IDEA what I’m doing, I’ve started a podcast interviewing women who own their own creative business. If I have questions, I KNOW you have them so why not share with others?!

I also love collabrating with other creatives and while I am on my journey to become a creative entrepreneur I’d love to share and bounce ideas off othes. Sooo I started a facebook community for other creatives who are either thinking about taking the leap to owning their own business or those that just started the process of becoming the CEO of their destiny. This community is meant to be a safe haven for us where we can share ideas, contacts, ask questions, get inspiration….anything you need, we got you!

By signing up for my mailing list, not only will you be a part of this amazing community, you will also receive my podcast episodes directly to your inbox as well as key takeaways from my guests as well as a monthly newsletter reviewing my progress towards entrepreneurship! And of course tips, tricks and inspiration to keep you working towards your goals as well!!

To join the facebook community and receive my monthly newsletter sign up below. I can’t wait to collaborate with you!!

If you haven’t already done so take a listen to the Bigger Dreams Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. So far, I’ve had some really great guests and these women are dropping GEMS! Trust me you don’t want to miss an episode! Make sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter to join the private facebook community and receive podcast episodes directly to your inbox!

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