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This free 7 day email course is for you if:


  1. You have no current way of keeping track of your business expenses or how much money you are making on your products
  2. You keep track of your expenses with pen and paper
  3. You are interested in finding a program that can keep track of spending, revenue, scheduling, tasks, inventory etc.

In this course I teach how incredibly easy it is to use Excel to organize your business.


You ever heard of Big Data?


Essentially, it is a way that companies are making business decisions by using numbers and “data” to analyze their next moves.


This course is the first step in learning how to use “Big Data” to make better business decisions.

I want to give you all that I’ve learned in my short time as an LLC owner and my long time working in the financial services industry.



“This course is really quick and easy to understand with clear steps to do everything. I wish I knew more people who have businesses so I could tell them about it!” – Jody Williams, Freelance Writer




Here’s what you can expect from my free email course Getting Organized by the Numbers:

  • An email in your inbox for 7 days with each lesson, videos and worksheets delivered directly to you
  • An explanation of expenses and revenue as well as an in depth explanation of the income statement and why it is the most important financial statement that even huge companies use
  • The exact Excel templates I use to track my expenses and revenue. The actual Excel sheets will be attached to your daily emails for you to download
  • The Income Statement template that I use to further analyze the performance of my business
  • 3 video tutorials walking you through how to customize the spreadsheets to your specific business needs
  • A step by step guide that walks you through how to categorize your receipts PLUS a worksheet that will help you define your unique expense categories


And as a bonus…


  • In each video I give you all kinds of excel tricks and tips that you can use in other ways to further organize your business


This is super good stuff and I am so passionate about and love Excel so much I’m giving this to you to hopefully gain as much from these spreadsheets as I have.


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