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About Me

 As a kid I tried over and over to make and sell scrunchies with little to no success lol! I crosstitched as a kid, I did my sister’s hair….I was always doing something with my hands. Now, as a retired professional dancer I have returned to my DIY roots as a way to express myself. I enjoy designing and making clothes and accessories most but will try anything once (or more than once :-) )! By day I am an analyst working in excel for most but when I get home, I am the DIY QUEEN working toward owning my own jewelry company. This blog is meant to document my transition from the corporate life to owning my own business!

About the Website

After a lot of persuasion I am finally sharing my creations with the world. You can see some of my crafts on my blog and will soon be able to purchase them directly on my site!This blog is not solely about DIY projects but is also about following your dreams and creating a profitable business out of your passion. I’m learning and I want you to learn with me! Let’s go through this together!

I’ll be updating this blog once a week with posts about my journey from corporate to creative in addition to posting monthly podcasts!

About the Podcast

The Bigger Dreams Podcast is something I started to ask fellow entreprenuers how they balance working a 9-5 while still pursuing their passion. The goal is to become a SheEO and I am asking the smartest, most creative people in their respective industries how they do it! It’s soooo good and sooooo inspiring I can’t even handle these conversations myself! You can check it out on stitcher and iTunes, just search for the “Bigger Dreams Podcast”! And if you like what you hear please please share and subscribe! Your support is more appreciated than you know!

My first big step in creating my business…. I designed a shirt! Check out the blog post or purchase here!

Thanks so much for your support and interest. Enjoy!!

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